Thursday, 18 May 2017

Blast from the past: "Don't give up your daydream" glittery unicorn pegasus sign

Another blast from the past: this glittery unicorn pegasus sign. I have this on top of one of the bookshelves in my bedroom - it's so pretty and sparkly!

You'll need a piece of wood or canvas for this project; I used a 7cm x 38cm piece of plywood because that's what I had in my stash ^___^ The first step is to paint it pink!

I have a stencil pack from Typo which includes this unicorn pegasus; if you don't have a stencil you could make one by cutting out the shape with a scalpel from a thin piece of plastic like a transparency sheet. I used an old paintbrush to spread mod podge over the stencil; I did it a bit thick though so I'd recommend trying for a thinner layer.

Then you can cover it with glitter! Yay!  Pro tip: shake the excess glitter off onto a piece of paper with a fold through the middle. This makes it a lot easier to return the leftover glitter back to the jar.

While you wait for your mod podge to dry, use a ruler and washi tape to make guidelines for your words.

Use the washi tape to guide where you place the base of your letters; the ones I used are called "thickers" and are by American Crafts. When I'm using letter stickers, I find writing out the phrase and then counting to determine which letter is in the middle of the line makes placement a little easier.

Carefully remove your stencil when the mod podge is mostly dry but still a little tacky (this will also make it easier to clean off your stencil!). Leave it to dry completely and tap off the excess glitter again. After this, you will probably still have loose glitter around your unicorn. Glitter is almost impossible to get rid of completely, so instead of trying to remove every speck of it, make it a feature! I used my dry paintbrush to brush little flecks of glitter all over my sign. Then you can use spray varnish to seal your sign and leave it to dry.

Most of the signs and canvases in my house just lean against the wall (mostly because I hate drilling holes to hang things!) but you can add a hanger with a couple of nails and a piece of wire.


I don't normally go for inspirational or motivational artworks, but I really like this one! Do you have a favourite inspirational quote? And would it be improved with the addition of a glittery unicorn? I think we both know the answer to that one ~___^

- Lisa xx

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Lightsaber candle holders

Hello! May the Force be with you! I try to make a Star Wars craft for every International Star Wars Day and this year I made lightsaber candle holders! ^___^

I actually started making these for *last year's* ISWD, but I didn't finish them on time! This year, although I finished them, they are kind of a fail craft so I haven't done a full tutorial.

Basically I started off with the coloured candles; they were surprisingly hard to find! I ended up with these mini candles, but they came in lots of different colours! It was hard to limit myself to only buying four packets ~___^

I used Sculpey to make the actual holders; I basically made a thick but short sausage and then inserted a skewer and rolling it around on the inside of the clay until it was hollow. Then I added all the little lightsaber details and baked them according to package instructions.

After painting and glazing, I inserted the candles but I must have made the holders slightly too snug because three out of four of my holders cracked!  *insert sad trombone noise here*

The only good thing I can say about that is at least they cracked on the backs?

So, that's my fail craft confession! Looks like Master Yoda was wrong - sometimes all you can do is try! ~___^

I think all I would need to do to make this project work is to make the holders slightly bigger before baking them, but since it's taken over a year to get them to this stage, that might take some time!

I hope you all have a marvelous International Star Wars Day, and you can check out some successful Star Wars projects through the links below! ^___^



- Lisa xx 

Friday, 14 April 2017

Fabric flag brooch wall display

The other day I was looking for the perfect brooch to complement my outfit. I have a huge brooch collection which I kept in a basket, but it wasn't the perfect solution because I was constantly digging through this basket to find the brooch I wanted and I was becoming worried about this causing damage to the brooches. On this particular day I decided I had had enough of the basket and that it was time to make a wall display!

This was super easy to make, so if you'd like to make one too, here's what you'll need:

- fabric
- scissors
- pins
- sewing machine/ needle and thread
- ruler/ measuring tape (or both!)
- dowel
- picture hanging kit
- thin wire (for hanging, you might get some with your kit!)
- electric drill
- wood saw (optional, but very useful!)

I pulled some cute pink fabric from my stash (leftovers from my Bee cosplay!), ironed it, and cut it into a rectangle. My rectangle was 70cm wide and 110cm long.


Then I measured out where I wanted the point on my flag to be. I measured to the middle of the bottom of the rectangle (i.e. 35cm from each side), measured 22cm up from the base on both sides, and then joined these marks together with a ruler.


Then I cut out the point and over-locked all the sides (except for the top because that was on the selvedge edge).

I used a matching thread to hem the over-locked edges.

I created a little pocket for the dowel to go through simply by folding down the top edge 5cm and sewing along the edge.

I drilled a hole in my wall and added the picture hanging kit. I cut a length of wire and wrapped it around the dowel once (at each end) and then twisted the remaining wire around itself to keep it secure. I found the wire kept slipping in towards the fabric and making the flag bunch up, so I used my saw to cut little grooves into the underside of the dowel; the wire sits in the groove and doesn't slip!

Then all I had to do was add all my pins and brooches to the flag! I love being able to see my brooches all at once and it's easy to add and remove them from the flag ^____^

- Lisa xx

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Blast from the past: Witchy Constellation Hat

Hello! I was looking for something in my blog archive recently when I realised I hadn't posted it here! Since I think it is time to have all my posts on my blog, I am bringing some of the posts I posted exclusively to other craft sites home ^___^ So, here's the first blast from the past: a constellation embroidered felt hat!

To make this, you will need a black felt hat, some silver metallic thread, a needle, and a pair of scissors. I also needed some black cotton thread because I thrifted my hat and some of the brim needed to be restitched. You could also look up a star map to choose your favourite constellations!

Thread your needle with one strand of metallic thread (there are usually six strands in one length of embroidery floss) and knot the end. Stitch stars by making a cross and then adding an additional diagonal line through the centre of the cross.

Use a large running stitch to connect stars to make a constellation and add some extra stars around the constellations to fill in any empty spaces.

Keep going until your hat is covered in stars! I also thrifted this cute little black dress with lace sleeves and thought that together (plus my moon phases necklace!) they make a cute witchy style outfit! 

- Lisa xx

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Four-leaf clover headband for St Patrick's Day

Since I dyed my hair green in January, I have had people telling me that I'm "a bit too early for St Patrick's Day!". So I decided to just embrace it and make myself a huge and slightly ridiculous four-leaf clover headband to wear! If you want to make your own, it is quick and easy and you could most definitely finish it before St Patrick's Day ^___^

 Materials needed:

  • assorted green yarn (including a fluffy novelty yarn)
  • crochet hooks to match yarns
  • yarn scissors
  • tapestry needle
  • scrap cardboard
  • pencil
  • paper scissors
  • hot glue gun

To start, you will need some green yarn. I went through my stash and pulled out as many different shades of green as I could find. They are all different weights and are a mix of acrylic and wool - and that is ok! You will only be using small amounts of each colour, so small stash balls are perfect for this project. Also, make sure you pull out a selection of crochet hooks so that you can match the hook to the yarn.

I used Twinkie Chan's free lucky clover pattern to make my clovers; it's a nice and easy pattern and once you've made a couple, you probably won't even need to read the pattern to make each one. I had six different yarns for my clovers and I made three clovers for each colour so I had eighteen clovers total. The amount you need will depend on how big your clovers are and how extreme you want to go with your headband ~___^

Next, you need some scrap cardboard; I pulled a small box out of our recycling bin and cut it into an arch shape. I used the top of the headband to determine the bottom curve of the arch but then free handed the rest. It's ok if it is a little lopsided, but the closer to even you can get it the better ^___^ 


Use hot glue to attach the cardboard to the headband and then wrap the headband and cardboard arch with more yarn. I used Moda Vera Honey Joy (100% polyester, colour number 08) which is a fluffy novelty yarn which reminds me of moss. I don't know what project I originally had planned for this yarn, but I was pleased to find it in my stash! I put a small amount of hot glue on the end of the headband, stuck the yarn down and then began winding it all over the headband. You may need to add small amounts of hot glue on the cardboard arch as well, to prevent the yarn from slipping down.

Once your headband is completely covered, you can begin to stick the clovers on with hot glue!


I had much more clovers than I needed so I added some to the back as well! I still have one large light green clover left so I may make myself a matching brooch ^___^

I'm not going to lie - this headband is pretty massive! But I really love it. Good luck and no pinches, what's not to like? ~___^

- Lisa xx