Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Glittery pastel bone and skull hair clips

Hello! How are you doing? Today is my second offical day of Study Break and I have certainly not done any studying ~___^ Instead, I've been working on finishing off some projects from the huge box of WIPs. So, so many abandoned projects; it's sad really. And also I've started some new projects because I am not the kind of person that will ever have all of her crafts actually finished.

This is one such project; I decided the other day that I wanted a hair clip shaped like a bone. I have no idea why, I just suddenly really wanted one. So I sat down with some sculpey and made some bones. And then I made some skulls. And then I burnt them (oops!) so I had to paint them.

I originally spray-painted them white, but then I decided that they should be pastel. And glittery. Because, why not, right? ~___^

I use Scott's Warhammer paints to paint my sculpey but of course those paints only come in dark, army-type colours; no pretty pinks in sight! So I mixed a drop of each of the acrylic colours in with some of the Bone White Warhammer paint  to create my pastels. It worked really well! I think because I used only a tiny bit of acrylic the paint still adherred really well to the sculpey. After I'd painted the bones, I gave them a thin coating of glittery Mod Podge; I absolutely love the subtle sparkle it gives the bones ^___^

I was going to attach alligator clips to the back of these, but then I found some great pins in the milinary section of Spotlight. They look just like bobby pins except they have a metal circle on the end of them which made them really easy to glue to the back of the bones. I wish I had found them before I made the bones though, because, as you can see, they are a teeny bit long and stick out from behind the bones.

I really like how these clips turned out but they are a little tricky to photograph; I took a whole set of photos yesterday but they turned out too blurry (for the close-ups) and limited in detail (for the in-action ones). So I took some new ones today but you can see from the photos with me in them that I'm still having some trouble with the latter problem; I wondered maybe if because they were so pale they were reflecting the sun too much? I don't really know. I included a couple of the in-action photos anyway, so you could get an idea of how big they are. You'll just have to imagine that you can see a bit more detail then the photo actually provides ~___^

I wore them into the city today as Scott and I checked out the new Codex release at the Warhammer store; but I didn't tell the people there that I've been using paints for non-army related purposes. That'll be our little secret, ok? ~___^

- Lisa xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Giant Pineapple Cosy KAL

Hello everyone! Last year Tanya and I organised a Foxy KAL that was so much fun that we wanted to do another one! And it's finally happening! ^___^ 

We found a great retro knitting pattern for a pineapple tea cosy and we're excited to share that pattern with you in our new Giant Pineapple Cosy KAL! You can download the pattern straight away (just click on the image below to go to the download link); it was originally made by Patons in their Nick-Nacks C41 pattern book. We don't know when it was released, but since it includes measurements in both centimeters and inches, I'm guessing it's probably from about the 1970s. Ace!


Tanya made this one, so you could see what you're getting into! Isn't it lovely? She's done a super job and I'm so excited to make my own!


Now, even though we've called this a knit-a-long, we haven't forgotten about the crocheters! I've made a really simple crochet version of the original knit pattern; it looks a little different but it's still full of retro-style amazingness! You can click the image above to download the pattern from my Google Drive ^___^ The KAL will start on May 5th, and will run until June 2nd and then we'll announce the winner of this awesome prize pack! Far out! ^___^

Join our Ravelry group to stay up to date on all the KAL chatting fun and to share your awesome WIPs and FOs with us! ^___^ See ya on the flip side!

Lisa xx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Foxy face brooches

Hello! Do you get any craft magazines? I get *a lot* ... probably too many! ~___^ Mollie Makes is one of my favourites, but I almost never get around to making any of the projects that come in the free kits. Which is a pity, as they are totally adorable!

But, this week, I realised that I couldn't show you any of the three long-term projects I've been working on (yet! I will show you soon!) so I pulled out the train case I keep full of magazine kits and decided this one was the perfect one to make ^___^

The felt in this kit is a lot stiffer than the felt I normally work with, but it worked really well for this project. The cream part of the fox face is just one thickness of felt, so having the stiffer felt means that it retains its shape very well.

The pattern for the foxes included the design for the sleepy eyes, as seen on the orange fox, but I gave my pink fox some happy eyes - just for something different! ^___^

Also, I had absolutely no idea how to do the stab stitch in the way the magazine had pictured, so I did a running stitch instead. It worked out fine! But I do want to know how to do the stab stitch now; any stitching experts out there who could give me some pointers? 

I reckon I'll wear these cuties as sweater clips, because it's finally getting cold enough here to actually wear cardigans! I'm so excited! Last night I was wearing pants, socks, a jumper, *and* a hat - it was actually lovely ^___^ Anyway, I best get back to my knitting - I can't wait to show you this project! But I have to finish it first; hopefully with practice I will one day be able to knit faster than at a snail's pace! ~___^

- Lisa xx

Monday, 24 March 2014

A pillbox hat for a night at the theatre

Hello! Do you like dressing up? I do! I love to wear costumes and pretty dresses but sometimes it just feels like there aren't enough reasons to really get out the glad rags, you know? So I really try to seize any opportunity to overdress! ~___^ Rebecca and I decided to go and see A Murder Is Announced last week and since it's a stage show, and set in the '50s, we went all out! ^___^

I wore a gorgeous halter-neck dress with a sweetheart neckline and the most fluffy skirt ever - which I promptly made even fluffier by adding my petticoat underneath. There is no such thing as a skirt that is too fluffy. We had decided we wanted to look like '50s ladies, so I added a set of vintage pearls, a vintage handbag, and a handmade pillbox hat and gloves. I also had a lot of fun trying out victory rolls! Rebecca did credit to the motto of "make do and mend" by making her skirt, and thrifting her top and clutch purse. I wish I had a better photo of her hairstyle too! She did a great job working her shorter hairstyle into victory rolls and twists ^___^ Since it was an evening show, Rebecca also wore a gorgeous vintage fur stole while I favoured vintage black velvet.

My pillbox hat was a lot easier to make than I thought it would be and really adds that little something something to the outfit, but unfortunately I didn't take any photos while I was making it! I did take some additional photos in better lighting though, as it is a little hard to see the full hat in the outfit photos above.

I made it from the lid from a plastic container, black satin, a big black and white ribbon (it's reversable), some black tulle, and a lot of hot glue!

Here is how to do it!
1. Cover the outside of the lid in black satin
2. Add a circle of black satin to the inside of the lid
3. Glue one end of the ribbon to the inside of the lid, wrap it around the lid in a nice-looking way, adding glue to twists to prevent movement
4. Secure the other end of the ribbon to the inside of the lid
5. Arrange the tulle over the lid, wrapping the gathered end into the inside of the lid
6. Fasten the tulle by adding glue to scraps of ribbon and pressing them over the tulle
7. Make a big bow with the rest of the ribbon and glue it to the back of the lid. I made this bow by making two circles with the ribbon, one smaller than the other, then wrapping a smaller length of ribbon around them both and gluing everything into position. I also glued the ties to the underside of the bow.
8. Glue on a small hair comb of the inside of the lid, underneath the bow.

The inside isn't very pretty looking,but it gives you more of an idea of what's going on under there ~___^ The hair comb I used doesn't secure the hat to my head perfectly, but it does add stability while I add in bobby pins and means that I don't need to hold it on my head while I'm fastening it on.

We were definitely the most overdressed people at the theatre, but it was so much fun! I think I've also overcome my fear of victory rolls now, which is very good since as I looked at so many photos of actual vintage hats in preparation for making this one I've got many many millinery plans, so I'll need to be getting better at the hairstyles to match! ~___^

- Lisa xx

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Nerd Love

Hello! I have finished Scott's Valentine gift with plenty of time to spare, so I thought I'd show it to you in case you'd like to make one too! ^___^ I was inspired by this project on making a motivational mobile, but decided to mix it up a bit. I used the supplies that I already had on hand, and made it a bit more "us"; i.e. nerdy. ~___^



I've had a set of magnet letters sitting in the craft room for a while now, since they were displaced by my washi taped magnet alphabet but, like a true crafter, I kept them knowing they'd come in handy one day (that's kinda our motto, huh? ~___^). I spray painted them with Super Chrome (the best metallic spray paint!) and then used baker's twin to hang them.


The glasses were ones that we originally got from a 3D movie; we stashed them in our costume box and used them approximately zero times since I already have glasses and Scott didn't really have any costumes that needed them. So I popped out the lenses, pulled off the arms, and they became the perfect detail for this nerdy bit of wall art ^___^

If you look closely you may be able to see some faint lines between the letters. They didn't hang very well because they were weighted unevenly (due to the magnets) so I used some thin plastic (from a piece of packaging I took from the recycling) to join them together and ensure they wouldn't keep flipping around. I used hot glue to attach everything, and it worked a treat! ^___^

And here it is in action on the lounge room wall - I think it fits in quite nicely ^___^ Since the whole thing is made from light plastic and string, washi tape is strong enough to hold it up. And it looks pretty too ~___^

I've still got most of the set of magnetic letters left, so I'll have to think of another project to use some of them up. Unfortunately, I only have two of each letter to work with so I'm slightly limited for phrases I can make ... perhaps I'll just put them back on the fridge! ~___^

- Lisa xx

Crafty Forever wood + paper wreath

Hello! How are you today? This week is my third week of uni, and it's already been so busy! I'm glad that I'm only working one job this year, although it does mean that my crafting budget is a wee bit tight. Luckily, I've had many years in which I hoarded craft supplies to my little heart's content, so I have a lot of stash busting to do! ^___^

This wooden wreath is a Kaisercraft kit; the so-called Funky Wreath. Personally, I'm a little suspicious of anything that contains the word "funky", but it was pretty cute, so I made an exception ~___^

I started off by covering all the wooden pieces in scrapbooking paper, but when I put it together I felt that it looked way too busy. So I removed nine leaf pieces, and one large bird, to make a much more toned down wreath.

 I decided to make this a craft-themed wreath, because I'm incredibly predictable and have only, like, three real interests ~___^ The manequin flourish is another Kaisercraft product, as is the little ruler below; I wish that I had of had more crafty things to add to the wreath but my other embellishments didn't really work with the wooden ones. At least it has stopped me from going too OTT with flourishes though (this has definitely happened before!).

The letters are cardboard, and ones that I've had for a very long time so I have no idea where I got them from. They were originally green and blue striped and pink and purple argyle, and didn't go at all with the colours I was using so I spray painted them white instead.

The tiny bunting is probably my favourite part of the wreath; it's just so cute and little! ^___^ Bunting is super easy to make too - I just cut out diamond shapes from some scraps of paper and then glued them over a piece of bakers' string that I got from Riot.

I used hot glue to stick everything together, and that was that! I'm really glad my craftyness has come back, but of course it's during university when I can't craft as much! Well, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that, I guess ~___^

I've got a few more projects in the pipeline, so I will have something pretty to show you next week, but for now, it's back to the ol' study desk for me!

- Lisa xx

Monday, 10 March 2014

Fruit brooches and an eggplant outfit

Hello! I feel like I've had fruit on the brain lately! I have been craving smoothies constantly, plus I've been seeing so many awesome fruity crafts around the place!

Case in point, I used a pattern from Repeat Crafter Me to make these adorable little crochet fruit coasters. Although, since I already have a set of coasters I am making these into brooches instead. I can never have enough brooches! ^___^

I think the strawberry is probably my favourite, but I'm looking forward to wearing all of these! I can also highly recommend the patterns; they are very easy to follow and very cute! ^___^

Another thing that caused me to have fruit on the brain was an invite to a "fruit salad" party. Apparently aubergines are technically a fruit, so I decided to to go as an eggplant, because, you know, why not? ~___^ 

I didn't have to buy a single thing for this outfit, which is a definite plus! I didn't have a purple bag to bring though, so I used this vintage green bag, which was possibly crocheted by my grandmother. It's definitely handmade, but I'm just not sure by whom! ^___^

Of course, just dressing in purple does not an aubergine make, so I also made myself a little fascinator and also an eggplant buddy in case people didn't know what I was meant to be.

They were both very easy to make and I used felt for both. For the fascinator, I cut out two shapes from felt, plus a slightly smaller piece from thin cardboard. I stiched the felt around the cardboard with a running stitch. For the stem, I rolled up a piece of felt, added a few stitches across the bottom so it wouldn't unravel and then sewed it to the main hat piece. I didn't add any stitches to the top or sides because I liked the way it looked when slightly open.

For my aubergine brooch, I just cut the three shapes from felt and then stitched them together. I used a running stitch here too as I thought it would complement the fascinator nicely ^___^

And I gave him a little face because, well, everything is cuter with a wide-eyed smile! ^___^

I loosely stitched a hair comb to the underside of the fascinator so that it would stay on my head which, I am pleased to report, worked wonderfully. Giving the stitches a bit of flex is a good way to ensure your fascinator will be able to adjust around the comb without it breaking! I have ruined many a haircomb with handmade fascinators, but I am apparently starting to learn my lesson now ~___^

I'm not over the fruit craze yet though; I'm just getting started! I think I'll do something with pineapples next ...

- Lisa xx